Amadeu Urrea Pérez, Conductor.
He was born in Lleida and he started his music studies with the teacher and fanfare orchestra Fermin Poza. Awarded a grant to further continue his studies, he completed the superior studies at Conservatori Municipal in Barcelona, attending conducting classes by Mr. Antoni Ros-Marbà (one of the most important Catalan conductors) and Mr. Ferrer Ferran (an internationally acknowledged, successful fanfare composer).

Aged 18 he is awarded a position as a professional musician at the Military Fanfare Orchestra. He has taken part in the Youth European Music Festival as a conductor and has toured throughout Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, Greece and Spain both as a musician and a conductor.
Mr. Urrea has been a guest conductor for the Reisa-Pfalz Orchestra in Germany, the Orchestre d’Harmonie de Foix (France) and the Halmstaat Symphonic Band in Sweden. He has been the musical director of the Cicle de Música de Banda al Segrià (Fanfare Orchestra festival) and the “Torbada de Corals d’Instituts a Catalunya”.

For a long time a Clarinet teacher and member of the direction of the Conservatori Professional de Lleida (Lleida’s Music School), Mr. Urrea was elected Head Master of the said institution in June 2012. Apart from the direction of the music institution, he is also the conductor of the Wind and Percussion Fanfare Orchestra of the Conservatori de Lleida. Since 1996 he is the Conductor of Banda Municipal de Lleida, which he founded teaming up with Lleida’s City Council, as well as the artistic director of the Cobla Municipal de Lleida since its founding in 2002.

Thanks to his advice and supervision, he is also responsible for the street music band of Lleida, Ilerband, which was founded under his supervision in 2010. 

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